The Neoland Scavenger Hunt

Revolt Games
3 min readApr 10, 2022

If you fancy yourself a bit of an ‘Indiana Jones’, but instead of ancient artifacts you’re searching for the future of gaming with Web3, then don’t sleep on the Neoland Scavenger Hunt.

We’re giving Neopolis players a chance to snag their very own on-chain piece of land with our whitelist Scavenger Hunt!

Don’t worry, you won’t be getting chased by boulders any time soon. Instead, you’ll be tasked with exploring the world of Neopolis in search of exclusive temples in order to earn your community whitelist tokens ahead of our Landpass mint.

How do I get involved?

If you haven’t already, download the Neopolis mobile app.

Several temples are hidden around the world. You’ll have to use your detective skills to find out where they are and head to their location in Neopolis

We won’t be leaving you high and dry, though, there’ll be plenty of clues regarding the location of these temples shared in:

The Neoland Discord Channel

The Neoland Twitter

Our partner communities will hide their own temples and broadcast their own clues, keep an eye out!

If you’ve successfully channelled your inner explorer and stumbled across a Neoland temple, go ahead and tap it.

Next, you’ll be presented with the opportunity to share your Solana wallet address. This is the wallet address that will receive the Neoland community token.

When can I Start?

The Scavenger Hunt will officially kick off on April, 11th (9:00 AM PTC) and run up until April, 18th (8:00 AM PTC).

The Scavenger Hunt will be divided into seven parts during seven days. Six of them are collaborations with other projects.

Here is the Scavenger hunt calendar:

The Scavenger Hunt will feature a total of 35 hidden temples around the Neopolis world.

There’ll be 5 temples per collaboration with our partners. Every set of temples will only be live for 23 hours with a 1 hour break between each collaboration.

Everybody is invited to play and earn themselves a spot on the community whitelist, whether you’re a brand new Neopolis player or a seasoned veteran.

Need a hand navigating the world on your quest to find the temples?

Each player will be able to travel the world with scooters, bus, trains and planes. Check out these Neopolis secret codes that’ll give you a helping hand.

A player can collect per day:

!scooter : x5 scooter charges (move around your position)
!bus : x3
bus tickets (move around your city)
!plane : x2
plane tickets (move around your country)
!visa : x2
VISAs (move around the world)

Secret codes can be written directly in the Neopolis chat, rewards are instantly given.

Don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled on our Twitter and Discord channels, as well as those of our partners, for clues on where to find those hidden temples.

Happy hunting and best of luck!



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