Neoland opens its door: the claim event.

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4 min readJul 7, 2022


Turn your Landpass into a Land.

The Neoland claim event is upon us! After months of work, the Neoland DApp is ready for our community to use for the very first time. As Landpass holders prepare for the big claim event, keep these things in mind:

  • Event Start: July 9th, 9am CET (France time).
  • Participation: Anyone holding a France Landpass.
  • Eligible Wallet: A non-custodial Solana wallet (e.g. Phantom wallet).

It’s still not too late to become a Land owner in France!
Check out our secondary market to scoop up a Landpass before claim takes place.

Now, here’s exactly how to claim your first Land in Neoland:

Step #1: Visit the DApp.

Step #2: Connect your wallet.
Select your Solana wallet, and sign the message to continue.

Step #3: Select the Land.
Zoom in on the Land you want to claim. If the Land is still available (see the map legend), you can click the “View” button to see a few details about it. You can also add the Land to your wishlist before the claim starts by clicking on the heart button.

Step #4: Claim the Land.
On the Land’s “View” page, you can see the Popularity score of the Land (mix of Neopolis activity & IRL buildings popularity). If you wish to continue with this Land, click “Claim”.

Step #5: Select your Landpass.
Now, you must select the France Landpass you want to convert into the Land you just selected. You can only convert eligible Landpasses. If a Landpass is not eligible yet, then you have to wait until the counter displays “Claim”. When you are sure about your choice, click on “Claim”.

Keep in mind that the selected Land will permanently inherit the Faction and License attributes of the Landpass.

Step #6: Approve the claim.
You have to approve the claim by signing message in your Phantom wallet.
Click on “Continue”.
Click on “Sign message in wallet”.
Enter you wallet password.
Approve the message. (no fee)

Wait a few seconds for the transaction to be completed on-chain.

Step #7: Your Land has been claimed!
Congratulations! You have just converted your Landpass into a Land. Your Land will appear as “My Land” on the map for you and as “Claimed Land” for all others.

Here’s a bonus tip to help you make the most of the claim event!

Bonus #1: The wishlist.
The Neoland DApp will be available 48 hours before the claim begins. This will allow all users to get familiar with the application and add their favorite Lands to the wishlist. You can use the wishlist feature to pre-select your Lands and be completely ready for the claim. You can share your wishlist with friends or within your guild (share button in the top-right corner). You can even directly claim from the wishlist page by clicking the “Claim” button under each Land.

If you have any questions or need help preparing for the claim, feel free to ask in our Discord. Good luck!🍀



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