How we sold out the first 10k Neoland NFTs

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5 min readJun 22, 2022

Gathering a web3 community in two months and selling out the first 10 000 land parcels in minutes.

Seven minutes; is the time it took for the public sale of the first collection of Landpasses (French edition) to sell out. A look back at a major event that formalizes the launch of the new game from the Revolt Games studio: Neoland.

In spring 2021, Neoland gathers a community of 14,000 around a new concept: managing land parcels attached to Neopolis and the real-world.

We have the pleasant surprise of seeing many members of our historic Neopolis community joining the adventure, most of whom own an NFT for the first time.

Let’s detail together with the key stages:

The kick-off officially takes place in mid-February during a 4-day community engagement tournament organized on the freshly-opened Discord server: the Neoquest.

This event is the opportunity for many Neopolis players to discover the new blockchain game from the Revolt Games studio: Neoland.

They carried out about fifteen community quests, and we rewarded the best players with many gifts related (or not) to Neoland.

Credit Card was then blocked for “suspicious activity”

At the beginning of March, it’s time to start communications and gather a community around Neoland.

The team meets CryptoGaryy, who shares the same vision on the virtual real estate market and the future of play and earn. We organize with him an AMA in one of the largest French crypto communities: The Diggers.

Great chat with great people. We all agree that Neoland’s potential is enormous: 200 simultaneous listeners and 200 persons claim an “access token”.

Noah’s Ark vibe

This event will start the project’s diffusion within the french NFT/P2E ecosystem: Youtube videos and articles in the most influential French blockchain media: Cryptoast, JournalDuCoin, Cryptonaute, etc.

Beginning of April: the sale is getting closer, and the community continues to grow. Access tokens are sent to active community members. It guarantees them to be able to mint LandPasses the D day.

Two events allow anyone to obtain this precious sesame:

  • The Neoquest
  • The scavenger hunt for temples in Neopolis.

We developed a bot to distribute points automatically for all Discord and Twitter quests. More than 500 participants try to climb the leaderboard.

Our two young Discord geniuses created this in 2 weeks

Art contests and meme contests are organized, and the level of creativity is amazing.

Discovery of new artistic disciplines

All members are also invited to tell a travel story to the community: all the stories

One of many travel stories.

The scavenger hunt for temples in Neopolis:
A temple hunt has been organized in Neopolis in collaboration with other play and earn games based on the Solana blockchain. The principle is simple: the partner projects had to hide their personalized temple anywhere in the real-world and it appeared in Neopolis.

From right to left: Fractal, Metawana, Psyker, Tiny Colony, House of Sparta, The diggers

Players must search for hidden clues in their Discord server to find the exact location.

This hunt gives a lot of visibility to the project. +10,000 mint tokens have been distributed.

Launchpad on Fractal:
Fractal is a platform dedicated to play and earn projects, created by Justin Kan, founder of the video streaming platform: Twitch.

Interview and virtual tour of Seattle with Justin Kan

The D-day

Thousands of community members are eagerly awaiting this sale. A token represents VIP access in the form of NFT. These tokens are tradable and can be sold before the sale. Dozens of sales of these tokens for around 70 dollars took place the day before the official sale.

The April 21 sale is dedicated to members with access tokens when the April 22 sale was open to the public.

“Sold out or not sold out?” @ Revolt Games HQ

Seven minutes are enough to sell the whole remaining Neoland LandPasses — France.

The secondary market opens instantly after the sale. The average price of a LandPass is three times higher than the public price, and some rarer LandPasses are sold for thousands of euros.

The claim:
Holders will turn their LandPasses into a plot of land on the decentralized application of Neoland. Players will quickly be able to know the activity of their Neoland, and the first management actions will be available within a few weeks.

In the meantime, the Discord server continues to grow thanks to the events organized. A GeoguessR team tournament is currently organized on the server. Every Tuesday, dozens of teams compete on GeoguessR and try to qualify for the final, which will take place on June 14. The top five teams will have the chance to win Neoland prizes

Party time 🎉

NeoAssembly DAO + Mods DAO
Creation of the “NeoAssembly DAO” (decentralized autonomous organization).

The Revolt Games studio intends to go as far as possible in decentralizing the decisions.

After designing Neoland with a desire to share the revenue generated by Neopolis with our players, we now want to give them a right of governance: the possibility of proposing/voting suggestions for the development of the game via smart contracts. The DAO will therefore allow the owners of Neolands to influence so that the community’s interests merge with those of the studio.

Part of the money generated from the sale of Landpasses was sent to the DAO wallet. This community fund will allow the community to carry out the proposals voted in the majority by the members.

Next country: 👀



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